A Guide To Taking Your Measurement

(Please fills in measurement in inches or in centimeter)

Measurement for Shirt

Chest Waist Belly Hips
Chest: measure around
body well up to armholes
Waist: measure
around waistline
Belly: remember take the
biggest part of your Belly
Hips: measure around hips
at widest point of seat

Shoulder width Sleeves length Shirt length Neck
Full Shoulder: measure
back at end of shoulder
Sleeves: measure sleeves from
shoulder seam to length desired
Length: measure from lower
collar seam to length desired
Place tape around neck, enough
room must be allowed to ensure
collar does not become too tight

Remind: place tape with certain
allowance such that you feel
comfortable. Normally, able to
fit with two fingers

Wrist size      
Wrist: circumference
all measurement