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Shirt & Suit Tailor, Specialized in custom shirting and suiting. Address: Room 727, Star House, No. 3 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2366 9805 Fax: (852) 2311 6703 Email:








Shirt & Suit Tailor
o/b Passion Fashion Trading Co.

Room 727, Star House, No. 3 Salisbury Road,
T.S.T.,Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2366 9805      Fax: (852) 2311 6703

Email :

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the difference between a custom tailored suit and off the rack suit?

       A custom tailored suit is made to measure suit, made according to your size, shape and style. Readymade
       off the rack suit comes in standard size that doesn't fit you perfectly. Custom tailored suits are made to fit
       you correctly.

       In addition, the following premium features at no extra charge are offered for custom suit:

       - Hand embroidered initials of your full name inside the jacket

       - Hand picked and matched linings and buttons

       - Hand stitching on lapel

       - Functional button holes on sleeves

2. Is there any minimum order?

       There is no minimum quantity, but, discounts are generally given on multiple purchases.

3. What are your prices?

       Because the fabrics, sizes, and styles vary significantly between garments, we are unable to provide
       specific prices until we know your exact needs. Be assured, however, that our prices are extremely
       competitive and among the best for high-quality custom tailoring. Also, discounts are generally given
       on multiple purchases.

4. I am a bit hesitant to order custom shirt/suit, I worry about the fit.

       Not to worry. You may start your first order by sending us your best fitting shirt/suit. Or, if you do take
       your own measurements, follow the guidelines on our site. Be sure the information is precise and

       Once we've received your order, we will contact you and confirm all of your sizes for complete accuracy.

5. Do you keep measurements on file?

       Yes, once you have ordered with us, we keep your records for ten years, so reordering is much easier in the

6. Do I have to get measured every time?

       No, only if in case you have lost or gained weight, then it's better to re-measure again and the new orders
       will follow the new measurements.

7. What if my clothes don't fit?

       Minor alternation - we request you to go to a local tailor and we'll pay the alternation bill.

       Major alternation - we will arrange a meeting and re-measure. We will then make you a new replacement at
       no extra charge.

8. How does payment work?

       We use PayPal as the payment method, it world's renowned payment gateway. However, if you like to use
       other methods of payment, we will supply you with our bank account to transfer funds.

9. Who are your couriers?

       We use Speed post, a door-to-door delivery service provider by Hong Kong Post Office.

10. What are your shipping charges?

        Shipping charges are HK $75.00 per shirt. All orders to international destinations are shipped by parcel
        post direct to customers from Hong Kong. Duty to all other destinations will be C.O.D., based on local tariffs.
        Please check with your local customs authorities for import duties.

11. Are you going to send me a completed suit without sending for a few fitting first?

        First time customers are asked for front, back, and side photographs along with measurements from your
        best fitting jacket. We use this information for reference and try to make fit you.

12. Can you send me some fabric samples?

        Yes. We will be most happy to send you the actual fabric swatches.